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59,34 EUR*
Details Nonprofit and Business Sector Collaboration: Social Enterprises, Cause-Related Marketing, Sponsorships, and Other Corporate-Nonprofit Dealings (Journal of Nonprofit & Public Sector Marketing)

"Business managers: are you considering supporting a worthy cause? Nonprofit administrators: are you considering looking for a corporate partner? " Examine ways to reap the benefits--while avoiding the sometimes-hidden pitfalls--of these partnerships ...

30,90 EUR*
Details Play to Win Nonprofit Guide: The NonProfit Guide to Competitive Strategy

Play to Win offers nonprofit leaders the help they need to develop their organization's unique competitive advantages and to use the power of competitive strategies to build their organization's capacity for advancing its mission. This book offers a ...

117,69 EUR*
Details The Study of Nonprofit Enterprise: Theories And Approaches (Nonprofit and Civil Society Studies)

This volume addresses the need to revisit the economic theories from the last two decades that have contributed to the development of a concentrated research agenda on nonprofit organizations. Long neglected as a topic of theorizing and empirical ...

101,64 EUR*
Details Strategy Mix for Nonprofit Organisations: Vehicles For Social And Labour Market Integrations (Nonprofit and Civil Society Studies)

Strategy Mix for Nonprofit Organisations In many countries, particularly in continental Europe, societies have been plagued by high unemployment for several decades. This title explores the role of the third sector in Europe, where unemployment is ...

30,98 EUR*
Details Strategic Planning Workbook for Nonprofit Organizations

Strategic Planning Workbook for Nonprofit Organizations In an environment of increased competition, funding cuts, and other pressures, strategic planning is a sound management tool for nonprofits. This workbook provides a guide for developing ...

31,03 EUR*
Details Managing Technology to Meet Your Mission: A Strategic Guide for Nonprofit Leaders

Nonprofit decision makers need to know how IT can help extend the reach and scope of their organizations. With contributions from the top experts in the nonprofit tech field, this book provides nonprofit decision makers with information to make smart ...

61,09 EUR*
Details The Nonprofit Sector: A Research Handbook

The second edition of "The Nonprofit Sector" provides a novel, comprehensive, multi-disciplinary survey of nonprofit organizations and their role and function in society, and it also examines the nature of philanthropic behaviours. Each of the 27 all ...

125,00 EUR*
Details Developing Affordable Housing: A Practical Guide for Nonprofit Organizations (Wiley Nonprofit Law, Finance, and Management)

Developing Affordable Housing Updating the practical advice and regulatory information found in the second edition, Developing Affordable Housing, Third Edition provides the cutting-edge tools and strategies to create long-term stability and meet ...

25,64 EUR*
Details Social Entrepreneurship for the 21st Century: Innovation Across the Nonprofit, Private, and Public Sectors: Innovation Across the Nonprofit, Private, and Public Sectors

Social Entrepreneurship for the 21st Century What's the best way to harness markets to promote social change? And what kinds of investments can we make across the nonprofit, private, and public sectors to achieve a more shared prosperity? This book ...

27,74 EUR*
Details Nonprofit Board Member's Guide to Lobbying and Advocacy

Nonprofit Board Member's Guide to Lobbying and Advocacy Nonprofit lobbying is exciting, rewarding, honorable work. Lobbying is a proven way to advance issues, support good ideas, respond to crises, avert disasters, and ensure that an organization's ...

28,46 EUR*
Details Financial Leadership for Nonprofit Executives: Guiding Your Organization to Long-Term Success

Making sure that your nonprofit is going to be around long-term requires financial leadership. This means creating a financial vision for your organization and planning how you'll get there. Financial Leadership for Nonprofit Executives gives you the ...